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All students in Eskişehir Technical University Industrial Engineering Department are obliged to do an internship of at least 45 working days in total, with at least 20 working days for Industrial Engineering Internship I and at least 25 working days for Industrial Engineering Internship II.

Internship Requirement Document will be obtained from student affairs.

Our students an internship application form, and then must reach a comission member. After 10 August 2017 at the end of the Industrial engineering Internship II, an employer questionnaire must be filled by your employer and the document (enveloped and stamped) should be presened to the internship comission.

Please find the other documents and forms about Internship:

If you are an employer and hiring interns, please fill this document and submit to You can also use  this form.

Department Internship Comission

Res. Assist. Gürhan CEYLAN (Head of Comission)
Res. Assist. Banu İÇMEN ERDEM (Comission Member)
Res. Assist. Zeliha ERGÜL AYDIN (Comission Member)

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