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Educational Aims


To be a national and international leader in education, research and practice; contributing to science and society at a high level; and a department whose graduates can work in many countries.


  • To provide scientific methods for the design, management and improvement of production and service systems;
  • To train industrial engineers who can use information technologies and English effectively, think analytically and adopt our core values;
  • To contribute to universal science with research and applications.

Core Values

  •          Inovation and Creativity
  •          Life-long learning
  •          Social responsibilty
  •          Team work
  •          Responsibilty to environment
  •          Awareness of occupational ethics
  •          Honesty
  •          Universality
  •          Humanity
  •          Strong human relations and communication skills

Educational Aims

Our graduates;                      

  • Employed about the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of integrated systems consisting of human, machine, material, information, energy and financial resources.
  • Within five years following their graduation, s/he becomes a manager.
  • Adapts to areas related to enterprise resource planning, finance, information technologies and ergonomics.
  • Continues academic and personal development with the awareness of lifelong learning.



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