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About Department

Eskişehir Technical University Industrial Engineering Department was first established in 1975 within the Eskişehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences and continued its education in 1981 as a department of Anadolu University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. In 1993, a new Engineering-Architecture Faculty and a new Industrial Engineering Department were established in Anadolu University. This department started education by taking its first students in the 2002-2003 academic year. In 2018, the Faculty of Engineering was incorporated into the newly established Eskişehir Technical University.

The vision of our department is to be a national and international leader in education, training, research and practice, contributing to science and society at a high level, and its graduates can work in national and international institutions at home and abroad. Its mission is to provide our students with scientific methods for the design, management and improvement of production and service systems, to train leading industrial engineers who can use information technologies and English effectively, who can think analytically and who have adopted our core values, and to carry out research and applications that will contribute to society and universal science.

MÜDEK has been authorized by ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) to issue EUR-ACE Label with the decision of ENAEE Administrative Council dated 21 January 2009. Thus, students who graduate from departments that receive MÜDEK accreditation will have the European engineering education label. Our undergraduate program, which was accredited by the Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Association (MÜDEK) in 2012, is being updated and developed day by day to meet the requirements of the age.

Our students have the following opportunities;

- 3 months project based internship in Turkey's leading industrial organizations,

- Unlimited use of the various laboratories of our department during their education,

- Having chance to meet the world's leading industrialists, businesspeople and scientific researchers at our seminars,

- To benefit from the rich social and cultural activities of our university.

With our scientific studies and projects carried out with all our faculty members and students, we are on the way to becoming a world-class department every day. Our students can use limited resources more efficiently and effectively by using scientific methods and can employ them in the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of integrated systems consisting of human, machine, material, information, energy and financial resources.

Our MUDEK Certificate


Our Graduates;           

- Employed about the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of integrated systems consisting of human, machine, material, information, energy and financial resources.
- Within five years following their graduation, s/he becomes a manager.
- Adapts to areas related to enterprise resource planning, finance, information technologies and manufacturing systems.
- Continues academic and personal development with the awareness of lifelong learning.


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