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Araş.Gör.Dr.Mehmet ALEGÖZ


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Short Bio

Mehmet Alegoz is a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Eskisehir Technical University. He completed his Ph.D. study under the supervisions of Dr. Onur Kaya (ESTU) and Dr. Pelin Bayindir (METU). His research interests lie in the area of sustainable supply chains ranging from emission policies to coordination and competition. He mainly uses dynamic programming, stochastic programming and game theory to develop solution approaches for the problems in this area. Mehmet is also an amateur piano player and he enjoys creating piano covers when he has free time.


I have successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation on November 8, 2019. 

Left to Right:

-Dr. Ozgen Karaer - Middle East Technical University (Committee Member)
-Dr. Tevhide Altekin - Sabancı University (Committee Member)
-Mehmet Alegoz
-Dr. Onur Kaya - Eskişehir Technical University (Supervisor)
-Dr. Pelin Bayındır - Middle East Technical University (Co-supervisor)
-Dr. Haluk Yapıcıoğlu - Eskişehir Technical University (Committee Member)
-Dr. Deniz Aksen - Koç University (Committee Member)

Research Topics
-Supply Chain Management
-Closed-Loop Supply Chains
-Sustainability and Environmental Issues in Supply Chains
-Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization
-Purchasing and Supplier Relationship Management
-Stochastic Processes Modelling
-Inventory Management
-Production Planning and Control
Most Recent Publications
1) Mehmet Alegoz and Haluk Yapicioglu (2019) Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Decisions under Quantity Discount and Fast Service Options. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 18, 179-189.
2) Mehmet Alegoz and Onur Kaya (2017) Coordinated Dispatching and Acquisition Fee Decisions for a Collection Center in a Reverse Supply Chain. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 113, 475-486. 

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